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Table 2 Evaluation questions and indicators of the intervention based on RE-AIM framework

From: KIDS OUT! Protocol of a brief school-based intervention to promote physical activity and to reduce screen time in a sub-cohort of Finnish eighth graders

Dimension Evaluation question Indicator
Reach What percentage of potentially eligible participants will take part and how representative are they? - number and representativeness of the adolescents participating
Effectiveness What impact did the intervention have on psychosocial factors of physical activity (PA) and sedentary behavior (SB)? - social norms, intentions, self-efficacy
What impact did the intervention have on PA and SB? - weekly frequency of active commuting to school
- weekly frequency and minutes of leisure PA of various intensities
- weekly minutes of daily sitting
- meeting the daily recommendation of moderate-to-vigorous-intensity PA (1 hour on 7
days per week)
- meeting the daily screen time recommendation (≤ 2 hours on 7 days per week)
What impact did the intervention have on parental interference with their child’s PA and SB? - number of parents interfering with their child’s PA and SB
Adoption What percentage of settings and intervention agents participated and how representative were they? - number and representativeness of the schools participating
Implementation To what extent were the various intervention actions delivered as intended? - number of teachers delivering the intervention
- number of health education lessons realized as intended
- proportion of students exposed to the intervention during the health education lessons
- number of parents recalling the parental FeetEnergy-leaflet
To what extent did the participants have adverse effects related to active commuting to school, LTPA and sitting? - number of students with PA restrictions
Maintenance What were the long-term effects? (Individual level) - same indicators as in effectiveness
To what extent were the intervention actions maintained? (Setting level) - use of intervention material by the health education teachers 12 months after the