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Table 2 Additional issues for sexual violence survivors

From: Latin American and Caribbean countries’ baseline clinical and policy guidelines for responding to intimate partner violence and sexual violence against women

Sexual assault services available 24/7 4
Record time since assault 8
Record type of assault 8
Vaginal swabs 8
Anal swabs 6
Oral swabs 6
Collect hair and fibers 5
Risk of pregnancy 8
    Emergency contraception within 5 days SV 8
    Levonorgestrel (1 or doses) 6
    Combined estrogen/progesterone 5
    Copper bearing IUD 1
    Ulipristal acetate 0
    Referral for abortion if legal and requested 4
Risk of STIs 8
    STI testing before treatment (not recommended) 1
    Chlamydia treatment 7
    Gonorrhea treatment 7
    Trichomonas treatment 7
    Syphilis treatment 6
    Hepatitis B vaccine offered (without immunoglobulin) 5
Risk of HIV 8
    HIV PEP appropriateness counselling 6
    Shared decision making for HIV PEP 5
    Does not require HIV testing before PEP 12
    Start HIV PEP within 72 h 6
    HIV testing and counselling at initial consultation 8
    Regular follow-ups 5
    2 drug regime for HIV PEP 4
    3 drug regime for HIV PEP 4
    Prioritize drugs with fewer side effects 1
    Drugs follow national guidelines 5
    Adherence counselling offered 5