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Table 2 Factors that influence the decision to use a stroller

From: Parents' perception of stroller use in young children: a qualitative study

Caregiver preference “I think kids would probably prefer to run around or ride a bike if they were given the option. I think it’s more parents who enforce the strollers if they want to get somewhere faster…I think it’s more the parents aren’t patient…because I know I’m certainly that way sometimes.”
Time constraints “It takes too much time in the morning to walk the kids for 15 min with them walking themselves, we’d never make it.”
“Sometimes we will put her in it [a stroller] more often, because it’s easier to kind of cart her somewhere strapped in than waiting for her to walk.”
Family lifestyle “Stroller use definitely does depend if the parent is working or not and how many hours a day they are working…if the child is going to daycare or not, if the parent is primarily taking care of the child. Things could be different if it’s a babysitter, it’s different if you’re working morning or evenings…it just all depends on how one person’s life is. I would think that would affect the stroller use completely.”
Child walking ability “… if it were short distances like walking into her daycare from the care I mean I would carry her or she would walk. I would not bother with the stroller for probably distances of up to 200 metres, 150 metres.”
“I think when they could walk reasonably well without you know doing all the banging and tripping and on their knees [that would be time to stop using a stroller].”
Child preference “…I think she genuinely likes to explore and walk and have fun.”
“…I think it’s child-dependent though because my oldest two, they were more content in the stroller to just look around, and then (name of child) was more interested in wondering around on his own.”
“… she doesn’t really like to sit in it that much, so like if we’re in the neighbourhood and we’re just going shopping… or we’re just going to the park she’s usually just walking or at least 75 % of that…”
“I think when he got to that point where he was… walking and interested in the walking and exploring I don’t think I ever fought that…”