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Table 1 Parent comments regarding purposes for stroller use

From: Parents' perception of stroller use in young children: a qualitative study


“The nanny wheels him around to play dates and to social activities and to the park and I put him in the stroller when I’m in a rush going somewhere walking to get groceries or something.”

Its {stroller use} faster and because of timing of eating sleeping; its about time limits and getting things done.


“I bring the stroller pretty much everywhere I go… it usually comes along just to carry all the stuff that we need to carry.”

I just bring the stroller so that I can put my stuff in it pretty much”


“to have time outdoors.”

“…On the weekend we go for family walks to the park.”

“…if we go somewhere like the zoo.”

Supervision/ confinement

“Safety definitely is a concern and traffic is a concern its very busy.”

Parents’ physical activity

“When I go for exercise walks… I push him because then my focus is on me getting exercise and not him.”


“….or like when we went away on holiday sp we couldn’t really give him a nap so we really encouraged him to be in the stroller for about an hour to rest…