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Table 3 Computer- assisted personal interviews (I), self-administered questionnaires (Q) and cognitive tests (T)

From: The LIFE-Adult-Study: objectives and design of a population-based cohort study with 10,000 deeply phenotyped adults in Germany

Assessment Type Target population (age)
Socio-demographics and medical history   
 Socio-demographics and socio-economic status I 18-79
 Medical history I 18-79
 Family medical history I 18-79
 Medication (last 7 days) I 18-79
 Allergies I 18-79
 Male and female gender questions Q 18-79
 Immune competence Q 18-79
 Oral health Q 18-79
Life style   
 Smoking I/Q 18-79
 Food frequency and alcohol consumption Q 18-79
 International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) Q 18-79
 Three-Factor-Eating Questionnaire (TFEQ) Q 18-79
 Yale Food Scale Q 18-79
Psychosocial aspects   
 Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) Q 18-79
 Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7) Q 18-79
 Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-15) Q 18-79
 SF-8 Health Survey Q 18-79
 Life Orientation Test Revised (LOT-R) Q 18-79
 ENRICHD Social Support Instrument (ESSI) Q 18-79
 Personality Adjective List (16 AM) Q 18-79
 Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS) Q 18-79
 EuroQol visual analogue scale (EQ VAS) Q 18-79
 Sense of Coherence Leipzig Short Scale (SOC-L9) Q 18-79
 Childhood Trauma Screener (CTS) Q 18-79
 Use of health care services Q 18-79
 Barratt’s Impulsivity Scale Version 11 (BIS-11) Q 18-79
 Behavioral inhibition system / behavioral activation system (BIS/BAS) Q 18-79
 NEO-Five-Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI-30) Q 18-79
 Need Inventory of Sensation Seeking (NISS) Q 60-79
 Hypomanic Personality Scale Q 60-79
 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) Q 18-79
 Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI-20) Q 18-79
 Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) Q 18-79
 Morningness-Eveningness-Questionnaire (MEQ) Q 18-79
 Sleep Questionnaire (SF-A) Q 60-79
 Stroop test T 18-79
 Trail-Making Test A&B T 18-79
 Subjective Memory Impairment I 18-79
 Verbal Fluency Test ‘Animals’ T 18-79
 Behavioral Assessment of the dysexecutive syndrome (DEX) Q 18-79
 Triangle test T 60-79
 Reading the mind in the eyes test T 60-79
 Structured Interview for Diagnosis of Dementia of Alzheimer type, Multi-infarct Dementia and Dementia of other Aetiology according to DSM-III-R, DSM-IV and ICD-10 I/T 60-79
 Barthel-Index for basic Activities of Daily Living I 60-79
 Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scales (IADL) I 60-79
 CERADplus neuropsychological test battery T 60-79
 Wechsler Memory Scale T 60-79
 Iowa gambling task T 18-79a
 n-back task T 18-79a
 Reversal learning task T 18-79a
 Centre of Epidemiologic Studies - Depression Scale (CES-D) Q 18-79
 Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) Q 18-79
 CIDI-DIA-X Screener Q 18-79
 Structured Clinical Interview for DSM Disorders (SCID) I 60-79
 Geriatric Depression Scale (15-item version, GDS-15) Q 60-79
 Inventory of Complicated Grief (ICG) Q 60-79
 Inventory of Depressive Symptoms (IDS-SR) Q 60-79
 Leipzig Life Event List Q 60-79
  1. aOnly for the subgroup with additional obesity assessments