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Table 1 The PREPARE after-school educational programme: session topics and objectives

From: Reaching the hard to reach: longitudinal investigation of adolescents’ attendance at an after-school sexual and reproductive health programme in Western Cape, South Africa

Topic (number of sessions) Objectives
Values clarification (1) Meet facilitator, learn about programme, identify personal values and aspirations including how they want to treat people and be treated
Assertiveness and communication (2) Identify four communication styles and their consequences
Practice assertive communication in the context of sexual decision making
Gender and power (2) Differentiate the concepts ‘sex’ and ‘gender’
Critically analyses dominant social ideas about gender roles and gender power
Explore the kind of man or woman they want to be
Relationships (6) Identify characteristics of a caring relationship
Identify the qualities they value in an intimate partner
Identify and learn to respond to relationship problems
Develop skills to begin and end relationships respectfully and safely
Sexual decision making (4) Learn about positive and negative consequences of having sex
Develop action plans to prevent having sex until they are ready
Identify behaviours that put them at risk of HIV, STIs and pregnancy
Critically analyse the risks of multiple partnerships, intergenerational partnerships and transactional sex
Develop skills to use a condom
Violence (4) Recognise types of IPV and warning signs
Understand reasons people use violence
Reflect on own values in relation to violence
Understand laws related to IPV and sexual violence and the legal support services
Demonstrate risk monitoring and safety planning skills
Support (1) Develop understanding and empathy towards victims of IPV and sexual violence
Understand the importance of seeking help for IPV and sexual violence
Identify the ways and places to get help, and how to support friends
Creating lasting change (1) Consolidate and share what they have gained from the programme
Reflect on their ability to act as agents of change within their school and community