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Table 4 Illustrated themes from participant interviews about the Smoking Solutions Guide program

From: Community-based navigators for tobacco cessation treatment: a proof-of-concept pilot study among low-income smokers


Participant quotes


“I trusted her and could tell her anything.”

“I didn’t feel like she went out of this room and talked about me.”


“The guide asked me what I wanted to do – she didn’t push.”


“After my meeting (with the guide) I could pick up my kids and go home. It was a good place to come to.”


“She helped coach me through the difficult times. When I needed her the most, she was the only one to support me with my quitting. She was not judgmental. She was someone so supportive I could go to her.”


“We discussed triggers and cravings. I didn’t know anything about that.”


“She was like my cheering section. When I thought I couldn’t do it, she was always there.”

instrumental support

“When I didn’t have patches, they gave me patches and also lozenges. Financial-wise it helped, because I couldn’t afford it, and they always had back up for me.”

“I didn’t know how to go to my health provider – I didn’t know what to say – so she helped me [figure out] what questions to ask before.”