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Table 2 Analytical framework

From: Use of mobile phone consultations during home visits by Community Health Workers for maternal and newborn care: community experiences from Masindi and Kiryandongo districts, Uganda

   Codes Sub Theme Theme
Perceived Benefits of home visits and phone consultations Women & Village Health Teams • Perceived Benefits of home visits for the mother • Mediated appointments between pregnant women/mother and health workers • Promoted trust in the health system
• Indirectly improved level of knowledge for VHTs
• Perceived benefits of home visits for the newborn • Facilitated access to care & additional information and improved the referral process
• General benefits of home visits • Encouraged maternal and newborn service utilisation
• Perceived benefits of mobile phone consultation for the mother and newborn • Phone consultations saved time and reduced transport costs
• Now we are famous in the
• community- Elevated social status for VHTs & Participant women
• Promoted confidence among VHTs, ingredient for sustainability of voluntary programme
• Perceived benefit for the newborn • Provided additional information and lead to attitudinal change
• Women felt better cared for than before the program began Elicited male partner support
• Perceived general benefits of mobile phone consultation
Perception regarding recommended newborn care practices Women & Village Health Teams • Perceptions about newborn care- • Nearly all VHTs practiced recommended practices Women & VHTs perceived as beneficial recommended maternal and newborn care practices • Lived experiences are powerful tools for attitudinal change-prerequisite for behaviour change
• none application of substance on the cord-
• delayed bathing for 3 days-
• initiation of breastfeeding within one-hour and avoiding pre-lacteal feeds
• Some VHTs doubted practicalities of delayed bathing and exclusive breastfeeding
• Recommended practices not accepted in minority of VHTs-may compromise the benefits of home visits
Perception regarding delegation of promotional maternal and newborn messages to VHTs Professional health workers • Beneficial • Mostly accepted by professional health workers to delegate promotional maternal and newborn interventions • Acceptable to work with VHTs
• Sceptics about competencies of VHTs to offer maternal and newborn care
• Not beneficial
• Maybe • Caution about their mandate and how much they can perform regarding maternal and newborn care
• Fear of over “professionalising” VHTs
• Abuse of the responsibility accorded to them