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Table 2 Krlev et al’s 12-point quality assessment framework

From: Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to account for value for money of public health interventions: a systematic review

Dimension number Dimension Criterion Description of criterion
I Transparency about why SROI was chosen 1 Linked to context discussion?
II Documentation of the analysis 2 Analysis well documented?
  3 Impact map used?
III Study design (approximation of ‘dead-weight’) 4 Control group setup applied?
  5 Ex ante - ex post observations performed?
IV Precision of the analysis 6 Indicators valid & comprehensive?
  7 Proxies valid & comprehensive?
  8 Social effects captured? (Qualitatively)
  9 Social effects captured? (Quantitatively)
V Reflection of the results 10 Limitations discussed?
  11 SROI ratio interpreted?
  12 Sensitivity analysis performed?