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Table 3 Economic outcomes from reducing the prevalence of intimate partner violence

From: The health and economic benefits of reducing intimate partner violence: an Australian example

Economic outcomes Feasible reduction targeta
   95 % uncertainty interval
  Mean (AUD million) Lower limit (AUD million) Upper limit (AUD million)
 Health sector costs 38 n/a n/a
 Production Costs FCA 88 29 185
 Recruitment and training costs 6 n/a n/a
 Taxation effects FCAb 16 4 36
 Leisure based production 98 61 144
 Home based production 147 102 195
 Total production FCAc 377 227 461
Sensitivity analysis
 Production Costs HCA 434 253 621
 Taxation effects HCAb 57 29 87
 Total production HCAc 678 480 884
  1. All estimates uncorrected for joint effects of the presence of multiple risk factors in individuals. Health sector, leisure and home based production based on females 15+ years. Production, recruitment and training and taxation effects based on females 15–64 years
  2. HCA human capital approach, FCA friction cost approach (preferred conservative estimate), n/a not available, unable to be estimated based on the data that were available
  3. aThese are not estimates of immediately realizable cash savings
  4. bTaxation is treated as a transfer payment and should not be added to production effects
  5. cTotal production is the sum of workforce production costs, household- and leisure-based production