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Table 2 Health status and production effects from reducing the prevalence of intimate partner violence

From: The health and economic benefits of reducing intimate partner violence: an Australian example

Benefit Feasible 5 percentage point absolute prevalence reduction target
   95 % uncertainty interval
  Mean (‘000 s) Lower Limit (‘000 s) Upper Limit (‘000 s)
 Disability adjusted life years 5 n/a n/a
 Incidence of intimate partner violence related disease 6 n/a n/a
 Mortality 0.07 n/a n/a
 Leisure (days) 428 296 568
 Absenteeism (days) 926 n/a n/a
 Days out of home based production role (days) 371 259 491
 Early retirement (persons) 0.52 n/a n/a
  1. Incidence of disease and mortality calculated for all age groups. Leisure and home based production calculated for persons aged 15+ years. Absenteeism and early retirement calculated for persons aged 15–64 years. All estimates uncorrected for potential joint effects of multiple risk factors. Note the result for absenteeism has been updated since in the Full Technical Report this figure had not been discounted and was incorrect (, last accessed 13 June 2015)
  2. n/a, not available, unable to be estimated based on the data that were available