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Table 2 Rotated component matrix of the Vitality Scan in relation to the four clusters [20]

From: Development of a Vitality Scan related to workers’ sustainable employability: a study assessing its internal consistency and construct validity

Item Componenta
  1 2 3 4 5 6
I feel fit     .722   
I have trouble relaxing .422    .583   
I worry more about things regarding work   .502     
I feel overloaded by my work .463 .463   .456   
I called in sick more often this past yearb      .598  
I sleep well     .703   
I am more annoyed by things that don’t go well at work   .709     
I am more emotional than before     .493   
After a day’s work, I am out of energy     .523   
I have less time to spend on hobbies, family and friends .557    .426   
I feel involved with my colleagues       .776
I can count on colleagues when necessary       .785
I am more cynical about the organization than before   .689     
I only accept tasks within my job descriptionb      .563  
I am proud of the organization I work at    .601    
I feel harassed quickly   .424     
I have lost interest in my job   .432 .607    
I react curtly to others more often   .439     
I am not succeeding in keeping up with my profession lately .734      
I am less motivated than before .427 .454 .535    
I have more trouble in focussing at work .661      
I am not succeeding in keeping my appointments lately .681      
I love my profession    .732    
I question the purpose of my job    .434    
When working, I forget about the timec    .571    
After the holidays, I looked forward going back to work    .711    
Everyday, I enjoy going to work    .698    
I work harder than before to accomplish the same .594      
I am less involved in chores with colleagues than before .526      
I am having more difficulties in decision making than before .686      
I am in dispute with my supervisor more often than before   .632     
  1. Factor loadings are presented when higher than 0.40, and the highest loadings per item are in bold
  2. aComponent 1 = new subscale Balance and Competence; component 2 = new subscale Resilience; component 3 = new subscale Motivation and Involvement; component 4 = new subscale Mental and Physical Health; component 6 = new subscale Social Support at work
  3. bItems were deleted because of negative contributions to internal consistency (initial calculations) and non-related content
  4. cItem was deleted after internal consistency calculations on new subscales because of a negative contribution