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Table 4 Content parents would like in a new resource for parents to encourage healthy eating and body image in children

From: What parents know and want to learn about healthy eating and body image in preschool children: a triangulated qualitative study with parents and Early Childhood Professionals

Ideas mentioned by parents Number of groups mentioning Theme developed
Strategies for encouraging healthy eating, which create minimal stress and overcome fussy eating 9 Healthy eating strategies
Hiding food ideas 1
How to get variety in food 2
How to promote healthy habits around food (i.e., in the same way we have information about how to promote healthy sleep habits in children) 5
Importance of healthy eating (i.e., how to make it a priority) 1 Food & Nutrition
Information on portion sizes 2
Nutrition information and how it relates to physical activity 3
Food pros/cons/substitutes (e.g., skim vs full cream milk) 4
Drinking water guidelines 1
Health risks/implications associated with eating ‘unhealthy’ foods 3
Ideas for healthy lunchbox 2 Recipe/Meal ideas
Recipes/menus for healthy family meals 7
Strategies for parent modelling healthy eating & body image 2 Parent modelling
How to encourage positive body image (e.g., building child self-confidence/resilience) 8 Strategies for promoting positive body image
How to talk about food/body (especially knowing what not to say/how to avoid things that will make it bad) 4
How to teach child to accept differences in bodies 2
How to deal with external influences on body image (e.g., other adults, children’s parties) 6 Dealing with external influences on body image
Media literacy strategies 2
What to do if child is over/underweight/not growing enough 1 Early detection/intervention strategies
How to identify body image influences/risks & what to do about it 4