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Table 3 Summary of parent ideas about influences on child body image

From: What parents know and want to learn about healthy eating and body image in preschool children: a triangulated qualitative study with parents and Early Childhood Professionals

Ideas mentioned by parents Number of groups mentioning Theme developed
Child’s body size (e.g., height or weight) 3 Child’s body size
Parent’s body image (e.g., own body image impacting child) 5 Parent body image
Parent weight/appearance behaviors (e.g., weighing self) 1
Parent comments on own appearance 2
Language (e.g., Fat) 1 Indirect comments
Parent comments in general (e.g., Use of word fat) 2
Parent comments about others around child 2
Parent comments to others around child 1
Others comments/behaviors about child appearance 2
Parent comments to the child about their appearance (direct) 1 Direct comments
Others commenting on child 6
Sibling (e.g., imitating older) 3 Sibling
Socio-cultural influences in general 4 Socio-cultural factors
Media 7
Children’s stories/books 6
Barbie 2
Activity (e.g., dancing) 1
Role modelling (e.g., child influenced by someone they admire) 1
Peers who are aware of their body image 6 Peers
Start socialising with other children 1
Starting kinder 3
Starting school 2