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Table 2 Summary of parent responses to the question “What does ‘body image’ mean to you”?

From: What parents know and want to learn about healthy eating and body image in preschool children: a triangulated qualitative study with parents and Early Childhood Professionals

Ideas mentioned by parents Number of groups mentioning Theme developed
Equates to body size/weight/appearance 7 Body image is about a child’s body size, appearance, or physical capabilities
More about what body can do (e.g., strong/energetic) 6
If child is healthy, body image shouldn’t be a problem 2
Relates BI/size to food 2
Not about looking a certain way 1
Healthy eating & phys act = looking healthy = body image 1
How child feels about self/body 7 Body image is a child’s perception and emotions related to their body
Problematic e.g., ‘demons’ 3 Body Image is a problem for children
Positive & negative 1
Good body image is not expressing concern about the body 1
Girls more than boys 9 Negative body image mostly affects girls
Can affect anyone 1
Being thin increases your chance of success 2 Endorsing the thin-ideal