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Table 1 Parent responses to the question “What does ‘healthy eating’ in children mean to you?”

From: What parents know and want to learn about healthy eating and body image in preschool children: a triangulated qualitative study with parents and Early Childhood Professionals

Ideas mentioned by parents Number of groups mentioning this response Theme developed
Vegetables 9 A variety, balance and range of foods
Fruit 9
Sweets/sometimes foods 9
Variety 9
Balance of food/nutrients 7
Following food pyramid 4
Dairy 3
Meat 3
Carb/wholegrains 2
Fresh juice 1
Reduced sugar 4 Limiting certain foods
Homemade 3
Reduced salt 3
No junk/fast food/soft drinks 3
Limited processing 2
No preservatives 1
Fussy eating/food refusal 7 Problems parents face in encouraging healthy eating in children
Time poor re: meal plans & food preparation 5
Extended family 5
Perception that healthy food is expensive 1
Lack of social support/advice 1
Good attitude with eating 2 Importance of healthy eating habits
Regular meals/intervals 1
Good eating habits 1