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Table 6 Economic results of the models evaluating HZ vaccination in the elderly (2010 EUR, German price level)

From: Systematic review of models assessing the economic value of routine varicella and herpes zoster vaccination in high-income countries

Study Age at vaccination (years) Comparator Health care payer perspective Societal perspective
Annemans et al. [65] 50+ No vaccination EUR 6,624/QALY; EUR 1,046/HZ case avoided; EUR 3,495-3,523/PHN case avoideda EUR 6,822/QALY; EUR 1,077/HZ case avoided; EUR 3,600-3,629/PHN case avoideda
60+ No vaccination EUR 6,809/QALY; EUR 1,310/HZ case avoided; EUR 3,942-3,969/PHN case avoideda EUR 7,148/QALY; EUR 1,375/HZ case avoided; EUR 4,039-4,137/PHN case avoideda
65+ No vaccination EUR 7,184/QALY; EUR 1,560/HZ case avoided; EUR 4,176-4,336/PHN case avoideda EUR 7,577/QALY; EUR 1,645/HZ case avoided; EUR 4,404-4,574/PHN case avoideda
60-64 No vaccination EUR 5,694/QALY; EUR 817/HZ case avoided; EUR 2,936-2,969/PHN case avoideda EUR 5,867/QALY; EUR 842/HZ case avoided; EUR 3,025-3,059/PHN case avoideda
65-69 No vaccination EUR 5,412/QALY; EUR 873/HZ case avoided; EUR 2,967-2,991/PHN case avoideda EUR 5,628/QALY; EUR 909/HZ case avoided; EUR 3,087-3,112/PHN case avoideda
60-69 No vaccination EUR 5,553/QALY; EUR 844/HZ case avoided; EUR 2,951-2,980/PHN case avoideda EUR 5,747/QALY; EUR 874/HZ case avoided; EUR 3,054-3,085/PHN case avoideda
Bilcke et al. [38] 60 No vaccination EUR 1,200-46,968/QALY; EUR 584–5,148/HZ case avoided NA
70 No vaccination EUR 2,200-70,496/QALY; EUR 1,239-8,603/HZ case avoided NA
80 No vaccination EUR 3,824-126,793/QALY; EUR 2,867-17,353/HZ case avoided NA
85 No vaccination EUR 5,272-291,240/QALY; EUR 4,451-42,164/HZ case avoided NA
Bilcke et al. [30] 50 or 60 No vaccination No results for a sole HZ vaccination reported; see Table 5 for results on combined varicella and HZ vaccination NA
Bresse et al. [66] 65+ No vaccination EUR 11,480/QALY; EUR 2,479/HZ case avoided; EUR 4,101/PHN case avoidedb NA
70-79 No vaccination EUR 8,876/QALY; EUR 2,090/HZ case avoided; EUR 3,302/PHN case avoidedb NA
Brisson et al. [67] 50 No vaccination EUR 36,667/QALY NA
60 No vaccination EUR 26,563/QALY NA
65 No vaccination EUR 24,002/QALY NA
70 No vaccination EUR 22,924/QALY NA
80 No vaccination EUR 33,153/QALY NA
de Boer et al. [40] 60 No vaccination EUR 40,050/QALY EUR 33,901/QALY
65 No vaccination EUR 34,440/QALY EUR 33,511/QALY
70 No vaccination EUR 28,491/QALY EUR 28,284/QALY
75 No vaccination EUR 28,506/QALY EUR 28,506/QALY
Edmunds et al. [68] 65 No vaccination EUR 5,435-100,700/QALYc NA
Hornberger et al. [28] 69 No vaccination NA From cost-saving up to EUR 250,470/QALYd
Moore et al. [69] 50+ No vaccination EUR 17,681/QALY; EUR 1,957/HZ case avoided; EUR 7,369-7,413/PHN case avoided EUR 15,520/QALY; EUR 1,710/HZ case avoided; EUR 6,434-6,472/PHN case avoided
50-54 No vaccination EUR 18,041/QALY EUR 12,488/QALY
55-59 No vaccination EUR 16,182/QALY EUR 12,124/QALY
60-64 No vaccination EUR 14,931/QALY EUR 12,866/QALY
65-69 No vaccination EUR 13,967/QALY EUR 13,638/QALY
70-74 No vaccination EUR 17,814/QALY EUR 17,814/QALY
75-79 No vaccination EUR 20,352/QALY EUR 20,352/QALY
80-84 No vaccination EUR 27,176/QALY EUR 27,176/QALY
85-89 No vaccination EUR 45,799/QALY EUR 45,799/QALY
90-94 No vaccination EUR 67,522/QALY EUR 67,522/QALY
95-99 No vaccination EUR 100,562/QALY EUR 100,562/QALY
100+ No vaccination EUR 140,125/QALY EUR 140,125/QALY
Najafzadeh et al. [26] 60+ No vaccination EUR 28,314/QALY NA
60-74 No vaccination EUR 24,002/QALY NA
75+ No vaccination EUR 44,123/QALY NA
Pellissier et al. [70] 60+, general population No vaccination EUR 16,170/QALY EUR 14,232/QALY
60+, immunocompetent only No vaccination EUR 24,211/QALY EUR 22,255/QALY
Rothberg et al. [42] 60, male No vaccination NA EUR 130,097/QALY
60, female No vaccination NA EUR 81,076/QALY
70, male No vaccination NA EUR 59,794/QALY
70, female No vaccination NA EUR 39,512/QALY
80, male No vaccination NA EUR 173,224/QALY
80, female No vaccination NA EUR 111,779/QALY
Szucs et al. [71] 70-79 No vaccination EUR 13,743/QALY; EUR 3,565/HZ case avoided; EUR 8,334/PHN case avoided CHF 15,361/QALY; CHF 3,985/HZ case avoided; EUR 9,315/PHN case avoided
Ultsch et al. [39] 50 No vaccination EUR 37,173/QALY; EUR 1,587/HZ case avoided; EUR 32,545/PHN case avoided EUR 30,901/QALY; EUR 1,320/HZ case avoided; EUR 27,054/PHN case avoided
55 No vaccination EUR 32,480/QALY; EUR 1,518/HZ case avoided; EUR 26,194/PHN case avoided EUR 28,244/QALY; EUR 1,320/HZ case avoided; EUR 22,777/PHN case avoided
60 No vaccination EUR 30,212/QALY; EUR 1,525/HZ case avoided; EUR 22,337/PHN case avoided EUR 28,146/QALY; EUR 1,419/HZ case avoided; EUR 20,809/PHN case avoided
65 No vaccination EUR 30,807/QALY; EUR 1,655/HZ case avoided; EUR 20,951/PHN case avoided EUR 29,526/QALY; EUR 1,586/HZ case avoided; EUR 20,079/PHN case avoided
70 No vaccination EUR 42,190/QALY; EUR 2,732/HZ case avoided; EUR 22,813/PHN case avoided EUR 41,942/QALY; EUR 2,716/HZ case avoided; EUR 22,679/PHN case avoided
75 No vaccination EUR 55,171/QALY; EUR 3,939/HZ case avoided; EUR 27,396/PHN case avoided EUR 54,940/QALY; EUR 3,923/HZ case avoided; EUR 27,281/PHN case avoided
80 No vaccination EUR 92,734/QALY; EUR 9,433/HZ case avoided; EUR 35,717/PHN case avoided EUR 92,541/QALY; EUR 9,414/HZ case avoided; EUR 35,643/PHN case avoided
van Hoek et al. [72] 60 No vaccination EUR 36,302/QALY NA
65 No vaccination EUR 27,747/QALY NA
70 No vaccination EUR 20,589/QALY NA
75 No vaccination EUR 25,211/QALY NA
van Hoek et al. [33] 75 No vaccination 49 % of the simulations below GBP 20,000/QALY (EUR 26,576/QALY); 96 % of the simulations below GBP 30,000/QALY (EUR 39,864/QALY) NA
75 and 2-dose varicella vaccination of children No vaccination 50 % of the simulations below GBP 20,000/QALY (EUR 26,576/QALY); 70 % of the simulations below GBP 30,000/QALY (EUR 39,864/QALY) NA
van Lier et al. [41] 60 No vaccination EUR 39,577/QALY EUR 37,638/QALY
65 No vaccination EUR 30,514/QALY EUR 30,514/QALY
70 No vaccination EUR 21,219/QALY EUR 21,219/QALY
75 No vaccination EUR 23,779/QALY EUR 23,779/QALY
80 No vaccination EUR 33,661/QALY EUR 33,661/QALY
  1. HZ herpes zoster; PHN post-herpetic neuralgia; QALY quality-adjusted life-year; NA not applicable
  2. aDepending on the duration of PHN
  3. bAll results from the third-party payer perspective
  4. cDepending on the efficacy and the duration of protection
  5. dDepending on vaccination costs