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Table 2 Advertising themes for foods, snacks and beverages, by frequency (%) for rural vs. urban distribution of ads (n = 100 advertisements)

From: An interpretive study of food, snack and beverage advertisements in rural and urban El Salvador

Advertising themes Frequency (%) across all themes Distribution of theme, by rural versus urban area
1. Cheap price, large, fast 39 % Both, more in rural
2. Modern 16 % Both, more in urban
3. Refreshment 10 % Both
4. Sports/Nationalism 9 % Both, more in urban
5. Sex and gender roles 7 % Both, more in rural
6. Fun/Happy feelings 7 % Both
7. Family, Friendship and community 7 % Both
8. Health 5 % Both, more in rural
  1. Note: These percentages represent the proportion in this study’s non-random sample, not the distribution of these items in the total population of relevant advertisements in the locations studied