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Table 1 Steps in the process of becoming a smoke free community

From: Developing a smoke free homes initiative in Kerala, India

Steps Activities
Step 1 • Organize a meeting of community leaders and heads of women’s groups
• Present data on harms of SHS
• Explain rationale for establishing smoke free homes in their community
• If group expresses interest, ask for their assistance in arranging an educational meeting for community members
Step 2 • Arrange 3 large scale educational meetings where PHC staff provide facts about harms of SHS and importance of becoming a smoke free homes community.
• Encourage women and men to attend to garner widespread support
• Show smoke free homes video, featuring prominent doctors and the testimonials of other communities that have adopted a smoke free homes policy. Follow this with a q & a session about the harm of SHS to the family facilitated by a local doctor.
• Emphasize that the initiative is not asking men to quit smoking but rather not to smoke inside their house.
• Encourage men who are smokers to participate in establishing a new community norm
Step 3 • Smoke free homes stickers, posters, calendars are distributed to households to get widespread recognition of the movement. This helps acknowledge that this is a community not an individual movement.
• Arrange for and hold a smoke free homes declaration meeting for all community members
• Agreement is reached on the actions and activities to initiate and enforce a smoke free home policy. Communities may choose to add other points to their declaration.
• Prominent health officials are invited to make it clear that this is an action of significance.
• Speeches are given and the components of the smoke free homes initiative are read to all gathered and clarified.
• Media are invited to garner publicity for the event
• Declaration is signed by important leaders of the community and health officials.