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Table 1 Summary of Themes and Subthemes Related to Interventions

From: Built environment interventions aimed at improving physical activity levels in rural Ontario health units: a descriptive qualitative study

Major themes Subthemes Description of subthemes
Engagement with policy work at a county and/or municipal level Input into official plans • Review and comment on official plans
• Development of policy statements for official plans
Input into master plans • Input into transportation master plans
• Input into AT, cycling, pedestrian, parks, trails, and recreation master plans
Policy document resources • Planning Guide Resource
• Toolkit for creating healthy communities
• Policy statements for official plans
Input on individual planning applications • Input on sidewalks, walkability, design, accessibility
Building and working with community partners, committees and coalitions Involvement with community coalitions or committees • Participation on trails, AT, cycling, master plan, healthy communities committees/ coalitions
• Participation in Healthy Communities Partnership
A resource for community groups or committees • Leadership role (coordinator, co-chair, advisory role)
• Research and evaluation (provides evidence, best practice information, health status information)
• Building capacity (Provides training to partners, builds linkages between partners)
Gathering and providing evidence Research or data collection on BE characteristics • Qualitative data collection regarding community perceptions and attitudes regarding the BE and AT values, needs, barriers and concerns
• Walkability and bikeability assessments
Research or data collection on PA levels or modes of AT • PA levels, type of activity, frequency and duration
Program development and implementation Events held in the community • Car Free or Open Street events
• Events to highlight existing AT infrastructure
• Biking events (i.e. Bike to Work Week)
Resource development and dissemination • Develop or promote guides for trails, bike routes
Comprehensive community based programs • Share the Road program
• Ontario Communities walkON initiative
• School Travel Planning Projects
Hosting knowledge sharing opportunities • Participatory walkability and cycling workshops and conferences, AT workshops, healthy cities workshops for the community, municipal decision-makers and public health staff
Social marketing, information sharing, and awareness raising Awareness raising and information sharing: For the community, municipal decision-makers, and public health staff • Presentations on specific programs
• Campaigns to raise awareness on the BE, PA and AT
• Social marketing regarding the BE, PA and AT
• Deputation to Councils
Promotion of AT and trails • Trail promotion
• Promote walking, biking and AT
  1. Note. AT = active transportation; BE = built environment; PA = physical activity.