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Table 7 Total number of different food items (agricultural biodiversity) in the two areas over the past year as reported by participants* and focus groups

From: Effects of agricultural biodiversity and seasonal rain on dietary adequacy and household food security in rural areas of Kenya

Categories Types of food items  
Domesticated/cultivated Natural habitat Total number
Animals Goats, pigs, chicken, rabbit, sheep, ducks, cows Antelopes 8
Cereals, pulses and roots Maize, beans, sorghum, pigeon peas, cowpeas, millet, arrow roots None 7
Nuts Ground nuts, macadamia nuts None 2
Fruits Paw paws, avocadoes, bananas, oranges, mangoes Wild berries 6
Vegetables Kales and tomatoes Amaranth sp Amaranthus blitum (terere) 3
Total biodiversity 23 3 26
  1. *Mean agricultural biodiversity scores was 6.6 (SD 2.44) in Akhitii and 7.2 (SD 4.19) in Uringu.