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Table 1 Assessment instruments used for the current study

From: Study protocol: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial of a healthy lifestyle intervention for people attending residential substance abuse treatment

Domain assessment and instrument used Week 1 Weeks 3 to 7 Week 8 Weeks 20, 32
Background and descriptive     
 Demographic information    
 Medical history (e.g. previous diagnosis of chronic diseases, family history of chronic diseases)    
 Mental health history (e.g. previous treatment, previous diagnosis, use of medication)    
Physical health     
 Body Mass Index (height and weight)    
 Waist circumference    
 Expired carbon monoxide  
 Blood pressure    
Physical activity     
 International physical activity questionnaire  
 Importance and confidence to increase physical activity  
 Healthy Eating Quiz  
 Average servings of both fruit and vegetables over the previous 2-weeks  
 Importance and confidence to improve diet  
Alcohol and substance abuse measures     
 Structured Clinical Interview for DSM Disorders: Alcohol and Substance Use sections only    
 Addiction Severity Index: Alcohol and Drug composite scores  
 Opiate Treatment Index  
 Fagerstrom test for nicotine dependence  
 7-day point prevalence of smoking  
 Use of nicotine replacement therapy and number of quit attempts  
 Smoking stages of change (Short Form)  
 Importance and confidence to quit smoking  
Mental health measures     
 Addiction Severity Index: Mental Health composite score    
 Quality of Life