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Table 3 Inclusion of cakes, fruits, sugar/sweets, bread and alcoholic beverages in 6188 snacks a (n = 1787)

From: The contribution of snacks to dietary intake and their association with eating location among Norwegian adults – results from a cross-sectional dietary survey

Food groupb Snacks that contained the food group with or without other foods (n = 6188 snacks)a
  n %
Cakes 929 15
Fruits 2355 38
Sugar/sweets 1616 26
Bread 852 14
Alcoholic beverages 442 7
  1. aOnly snacks ≥50 kJ are included.
  2. b“cakes” include buns, muffins, waffles, cookies, cream cakes and other cakes, “fruits” include fresh fruits and berries, “sugar/sweets” include sugars, syrup, honey, chocolates, and sweets, “bread” includes regular bread, rolls, crisp bread, crackers and tortillas.