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Table 2 Results of stakeholder consultation [round 2] (n = 18)

From: Development and feasibility study of very brief interventions for physical activity in primary care

Ratings of the effectiveness, feasibility, acceptability and cost items for the four short-listed VBIs: Responses to open-ended questions about the four short-listed VBIs:
• There were no differences between VBIs in mean stakeholder ratings of the potential effectiveness, feasibility, acceptability and cost of the four short-listed VBIs (see Figure 2). • Stakeholders felt that the proposed VBIs could, on the whole, be: deliverable in 5 minutes; acceptable; effective; and affordable.
• The mean rating of all seven items was very similar for all VBIs: • No other potential VBIs or BCTs were identified that could be administered in a health check.
• VBI 1(Motivational) mean = 3.54 • Twelve out of 18 stakeholders suggested incorporating some kind of follow-up session (e.g. telephone or face-to-face).
• VBI 2(Action planning) mean = 3.50 • Five stakeholders suggested emphasising that everyday physical activities (e.g. gardening, brisk walking, etc.) count towards physical activity recommendations and that any increase is beneficial.
• VBI 3(Pedometer) mean = 3.57 • Two academic stakeholders and one PPI panel member suggested removing the ‘coping planning’/problem solving component from VBI 2 (Action/Coping planning).
• VBI 4(Diary) mean = 3.67