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Table 2 Access to health care dimensions in the 2003 South Africa World Health Survey

From: Health care access dimensions and cervical cancer screening in South Africa: analysis of the world health survey

Health Care Access Dimensions Definition WHS Item and Question Number
Affordability Ability and willingness to pay for health care provider charges • Health insurance coverage (Q0600)
• Household SES (Q0700)*
Availability Presence of health care providers and type of health care facilities • Number of health care providers (Q7002)
• Provider Type: Medical Doctor/Others (i.e. nurses, midwives, traditional healers) (Q7302)
• Government/ Non-government facility (Q7301)
Accessibility Geographic distance and convenience of travel to health care center • Travel time (Q7307)
• Travel mode (Q7308)
Accommodation Perception of adequacy of provider’s operation in terms of skills, supplies or drugs • Provider skills (Q7304)
• Equipment (Q7305)
Acceptability Comfort with provider characteristic; Perception of inferior treatment; • Provider’s gender (Q7303)
• Perceived worse treatment based on sex, social class, or ethnic group (Q7328-7334)
  1. *Household SES was created as a composite variable based on ownership of permanent household assets.