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Table 4 SMBQ score change in the study cohort depending on the number of concurrent risk factors a

From: Work situation and self-perceived economic situation as predictors of change in burnout – a prospective general population-based cohort study

Exposurea N SMBQ score change p-value
0 risk factors ref 203 −0.34  
1 risk factor 232 −0.20 0.11
2 risk factors 144 0.12 <0.001
3-4 risk factors 30 0.32 <0.001
  1. aPossible risk factors: job strain, risk of unemployment, new job possibilities, and self-perceived economic situation (having a constant unfavourable situation or going from a favourable situation to an unfavourable position).
  2. refThis category is considered the reference (unexposed) category in the analysis.