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Table 2 The main themes of Safe Home Care sharps study for which qualitative data was collected via the interview scripts

From: Understanding sharps injuries in home healthcare: The Safe Home Care qualitative methods study to identify pathways for injury prevention

The first level of interview themes coded
Participant occupation or expertise
Recent or important events related to sharps injuries, BBP exposures or preventive interventions
Sharps injury prevention developments in HHC or general
Sharps flow into the home
Procurement of sharps by HHC agency
Sharps exit homes – sharps disposal practices
Insurance carriers coverage for sharps
Physician’s influence on sharps choice
Pharmacy’s role in sharps safety
Re-use of sharps
Participant advice to various stakeholders and needs assessment on improving sharps safety
Other information (subcoding for such sub-themes as sharps devices and technology, agencies/organizations mentioned, medications requiring sharps use, specific case descriptions, missed information added by participant)