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Table 1 Data collection methods and sample

From: Assessing implementation fidelity of a community-based infant and young child feeding intervention in Ethiopia identifies delivery challenges that limit reach to communities: a mixed-method process evaluation study

Method (Year) Data collection topics Sample type and size
Semi-structured interview with FLW (2012) Mapping of program pathways and factors influencing service delivery; perceptions of and exposure to training, program tools, and supervision; and perceptions of workload, job satisfaction and motivation 54 FLWs (6 supervisors, 12 HEWs, and 36 volunteers) in 6 woredas (3 per region)
Semi-structured interview with mother (2012) Perceptions of and exposure to FLW contacts, program tools and activities 60 mothers with children aged 0–23.9 months in 6 woredas (3 per region)
FLW survey (2013) Exposure to training and supervision; utilization of interpersonal communication tools; time commitments to IYCF counseling; IYCF knowledge; and work motivation and self-efficacy 504 FLWs (75 supervisors, 150 HEWs, and 279 volunteers) in 55 woredas across both regions
Household survey (2013) Exposure to program activities and interpersonal communication tools; and IYCF knowledge and practice 750 mothers with children aged 0–23.9 months in 55 woredas across both regions