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Table 2 Interview questions

From: A qualitative study of Chinese Canadian fathers’ smoking behaviors: intersecting cultures and masculinities

Topic areas Questions
Experiences in fathering Tell me a little about your family.
• Tell me about your experience when you first became a father.
• What kind of father do you think is a good father?
• How have things changed (at home, at work) since you have had a child?
Who looks after your child/ren?
• How are you involved in looking after your child/ren?
Experiences with smoking Tell me about your smoking.
➢ How is your smoking at home? Are there any rules on smoking in your home?
➢ How is your smoking in your car? At work?
➢ How has becoming a dad changed your smoking?
What helped you the most to quit smoking? What were the barriers?
How are Chinese fathers different from the Canadian fathers in terms of smoking practices? What do you think causes the differences?