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Table 7 Advantages of using teachers to deliver SFS

From: Process evaluation of a sport-for-health intervention to prevent smoking amongst primary school children: SmokeFree Sports

Strength of teachers Quote
Children’s perspectives  
Respected “Teachers, because they can get our attention easily and we have to listen”. (Boy, school 38 (gp 2), focus group data)
Knowledge of smoking issues “They understand it [smoking issues] more”. (Girl, school 18, focus group data)
Experience of working with children “Because they’re trained to be with children and teach children”. (Boy, school 18 (gp 2), focus group data)
Relationship with teacher We all know the teacher and trust the teachers more”. (Boy, school 8 (gp 1), focus group data)
Teachers’ perspectives  
Relationship with child “I know the kids so I can look ahead and see which activities they might struggle with”. (Teacher, school 13, interview data)
Coaches’ perspectives  
Relationship with child “Obviously they work with those children everyday so obviously they know what makes the kids click”. (Coach 4, interview data)
Time to follow-up messages “If they get into it they can deliver these messages constantly, you know five days a week with the kids”. (Coach 1, interview data)