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Table 5 Positive aspects of coaching sessions

From: Process evaluation of a sport-for-health intervention to prevent smoking amongst primary school children: SmokeFree Sports

Positive aspects of coaching sessions Quote
Fun activities/enjoyment “I enjoyed the Liverpool coaching and activity where they did all the football with you”. (Girl, school 38 (gp 1), focus group data)
“…the whole noise, the kids laughing, joking and at the end of the session when you are doing the feedback and the Q&A’s, they knew all the answers, they had remembered all the things”. (Coach 2, interview data)
Educational/engaging “My favourite one [game] was ‘Smoking Fools and Cool Dudes’ because it shows how much harder it was for a smoker to catch up with the non-smokers”. (Boy, school 11 (gp 2), focus group data)
“The participation was really good, they really enjoyed it, there was no one that didn’t want to take part, and they were answering questions very well, so they were well engaged in the lessons”. (Teacher, school 36, interview data)
“Really well I thought it was well received by the staff. The kids loved it and I know myself and the other coach really enjoyed delivering it and just from the feedback and the questions we asked at the end of each session they were aware of all the messages we wanted to get across within the sessions”. (Coach 2, interview data)
Experience different activities “I like it [dance], and I’ve never really had the opportunity to like to it and it’s unusual to get things like that”. (Boy, school 3, focus group data)