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Table 1 Data sources used to assess implementation of SFS

From: Process evaluation of a sport-for-health intervention to prevent smoking amongst primary school children: SmokeFree Sports

Data source Sample Date of data collection Implementation aspect assessed
Reach Dose Fidelity Acceptability Sustainability
SFS booking logs 32 schools Oct 2012-Jun 2013 X X    
Focus groups 95 children (18 focus groups) Apr 2013-Jun 2013     X X
Interviews 7 coaches; 20 teachers Jan-Jun 2013    X X X
Self-evaluation of intervention delivery 125 sessions completed by 24 teachers Oct 2012-Jun 2013   X X X  
Direct observations of intervention delivery 50 sessions across 13 intervention schools (10 for each activity type) Oct 2012-Apr 2013   X X   
SFS evaluation questionnaire 1097 children; 50 teachers Apr 2013-Jun 2013   X (teachers only)   X