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Table 2 Summary of study measures

From: B’More healthy: retail rewards - design of a multi-level communications and pricing intervention to improve the food environment in Baltimore City

Measures Instrument Baseline Interim Post-intervention
Food acquisition1 AIQ  
Food-related psychosocial factors1 AIQ  
Food source use AIQ, 24-hour dietary recall  
Health beliefs & attitudes AIQ  
Food Assistance participation AIQ  
Socio-demographics AIQ  
Household food security AIQ  
Weight AIQ  
Height AIQ  
Promoted food consumption2 QFFQ  
Diet 24-hour dietary recall  
Stock of promoted foods2 SIQ, Environmental Assessment
Sales of promoted foods2 SIQ, Weekly sales recall
Food-related psychosocial factors2 SIQ  
Store operations SIQ  
Customer & employee attributes SIQ  
Food acquisition & promotion SIQ  
Sales of promoted foods Wholesale sales records
Process evaluation     
Dose delivered, reach, fidelity of consumer communications (e.g., interactive sessions) Interventionist PE form    
Dose received of consumer communications and pricing components Consumer intervention exposure form   
In-store communications strategies (store, wholesaler) Environmental assessment, Wholesale PE form
Healthy food availability & visibility (store, wholesaler) Environmental assessment, Wholesaler PE form
Price discount implementation (store, wholesaler) Environmental assessment, Wholesale sales records
Dose received of store owner communications and pricing components Store intervention exposure form   
Small store environment & infrastructure Environmental assessment
  1. 1Primary outcome.
  2. 2Secondary outcome.