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Table 1 Semi-structured interview guide: domains of interest and sample questions

From: Knowledge, attitudes, and preferences of healthy young adults regarding advance care planning: a focus group study of university students in Pittsburgh, USA

Domain of interest Sample question
Ice-breaker exercise “What does the term ‘autonomy’ mean to you?”
Attitudes regarding medical decision-making “How comfortable do you feel making serious decisions about your own health care?”
  “What would make you more comfortable?”
  “Why do you believe that advance healthcare planning exists?”
  “When, if ever, do you believe that it is important to make your healthcare wishes known?”
Preferences for surrogate decision-making “Would you prefer to make your own healthcare decisions, or would you prefer that someone else make them on your behalf?”
  “How do you believe that a surrogate comes to a decision on your behalf?”
  “How would you prefer that a surrogate would come to a decision on your behalf?”
Preferences for ACP promotion “How would you prefer to learn more about advance care planning?”
  “What kinds of things do you think would be helpful for you and your peers to know about advance care planning?”