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Table 1 Examples of local steering group partnerships

From: Reaching older people with PA delivered in football clubs: the reach, adoption and implementation characteristics of the Extra Time Programme

Football club Partners Nature of their role
Bristol Rovers Alzheimer’s Society Providing initial and on-going advice about working with OA and the referral of OA.
South Gloucester Council Financial support along with advice on the local strategic fit and how the project fitted with their priorities.
Colchester United Age Concern Colchester Identifying five day centres to host the PA delivery and specific guidance the delivery of PA for OA.
Colchester Borough Council Providing a broad knowledge of local issues and arranging additional support/access to services e.g. Health visitors.
Rotherham United NHS Rotherham To lead in the development of the project, build capacity and provide continued support and guidance.
Age Concern Rotherham To provide and share information relevant for delivering a bespoke OA intervention.
Scunthorpe United NHS North Lincolnshire To play a key role in developing the pilot intervention and assist in gaining access too hard to reach groups.
N. Lincolnshire Council Providing advice on intervention development and OA referrals to the ET project.
QPR Open Age Provide advice and recommend delivery strategies for OA