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Table 9 Summary of process and relational principles associated with elements in partnership tools

From: An exploration of inter-organisational partnership assessment tools in the context of Australian Aboriginal-mainstream partnerships: a scoping review of the literature

Name of partnership tools Number of Aboriginal-mainstream partnership principles associated with the tool elements Total
Process Relational Process plus relational
Successful collaborative partnership: Key elements and a self-assessment inventory (The CGIAR Tool) [68] 3 1 4
Wilder Collaborative Inventory (found in Collaboration: What Makes it Work, 2nd Ed) [79] 5 2 7
Partnership Self-Assessment Tool (The New York Partnership Self-Assessment Tool) [74] 5 6 11
The Working Partnership Book 1–3 (The Verona Benchmark tool) [78] 6 3 9
Assessing Strategic Partnership: The Partnership Assessment Tool. (The Nuffield Partnership Assessment Tool) [77] 7 3 10
The VicHealth Partnership Analysis Tool [82] 7 5 12
The Partnering Initiative’s Partnering Tool Book (4th Edn) by Tennyson [81] 2 2 4