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Table 7 AMP principles and corresponding process elements in existing partnership assessment tools

From: An exploration of inter-organisational partnership assessment tools in the context of Australian Aboriginal-mainstream partnerships: a scoping review of the literature

Aboriginal-mainstream partnership principles Article Themes Summary of partnership self-assessment process elements Tools
Develop linkage processes, including formal documentation of partnership service structure; clarification of roles and clear lines of who troubleshoots. TT Partnership structure Formal and informal communication links; sharing, accessibility and management of data, information and knowledge; open, simple and frequent communication CGIAR, Wilder, New York PSAT, VicHealth, Markwell(Verona), Tennyson
Features of good partnership: clarity of roles, responsibilities, procedures, expectations, attention to process. CGIAR, Markwell (Verona), VicHealth
Ensure partnership is built on realistic resource capacity to support development of partnership and execution. TT Development and implementation resources Relevant skills and expertise, agree on policy and the level of funds, human and material resources required. Wilder, Nuffield, New York PSAT, VicHealth, Markwell(Verona), Tennyson
Real investment of dollars and people based on need and ongoing support for programs that work. RA Financial and human resource
Be consistent with meetings; use innovative communication technologies where necessary to maintain contact TT Regular meetings/contacts Consistency of Commitment Nuffield
Ensure meetings are held regularly and staff have opportunity to interact and build relationships. TT Flexibility and adaptability - flexible enough to allow participation of all players; adjust time, place and organisation of partnership meetings to minimize barriers to participation. Wilder, New York PSAT, VicHealth, Markwell (Verona)
A commitment to redressing structures, relationships and outcomes that is unequal and/or discriminatory. B Reflection Commitment to reconsider and modify aim, objective, policy and strategies based on review findings. Nuffield, Markwell (Verona)
Valuing process elements as integral to support and enable partnership. B Valuing process Prime focus on process, outcome and innovation Nuffield, VicHealth
Regular and independent public evaluation of programs and policies to make sure we learn from mistakes and successes. RA Monitoring and evaluation Identify success factor and barriers to partnership work including past successes; better utilisation of available skills and expertise; information provision including orientation and contextual materials to support timely decision; skills development including participatory skills, partnership monitoring and reviewing skills. Nuffield, New York PSAT, VicHealth, Markwell (Verona)
Set targets, develop reliable data collection to simple monitoring and outcome indicators TT Define clear service outcomes; Shared vision and mission (goals, aims, objectives): clearly communicated to the community, compelling, concrete, attainable; agreed principles and approaches in addressing the defined problems. CGIAR, Wilder, Nuffield, NYPSAT, VicHealth
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  2. RA: Reconciliation Australia [83].
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