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Table 1 Quality assessment criteria*

From: Health care providers’ perceptions of and attitudes towards induced abortions in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia: a systematic literature review of qualitative and quantitative data

Aims General aims, specific objectives or research question clearly described.
Background A comprehensive literature review included. Explanation and justification for the study.
Context Context of the research adequately described.
Sampling/recruitment Clear description of the sample, including the size and characteristics of the sample Selection procedure appropriate and clearly described Study units are representative of the target population Exclusions and refusals accounted for and described
Data collection Suitable research design to address the aims of the research. Appropriate data collection instruments are used, piloted, pretested and described Clear description of the research methodology used Researcher - participation relationship adequately considered Ethical issues considered
Data analysis Clear description of the data analysis method, process and findings.
Data interpretation Clear discussion of the research findings. The study presents sufficient original data to support the findings, and to demonstrate that these and the conclusions are grounded in the data Clear integration of the data, interpretation and conclusions Study context and sample considered in the findings
Reliability/validity Reliability and validity of the analysis has been addressed Rigorous data analysis
  1. *Adapted from the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) within the Public Health Resource Unit (PHRU) and existing instruments for studies on reproductive health [18,19].