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Table 1 Cognitive functions and associated tests

From: Assessing biomarkers and neuropsychological outcomes in rural populations exposed to organophosphate pesticides in Chile – study design and protocol

Function Neuropsychological tests
Memory Rey auditory verbal learning (memory phase)
Benton visual retention (4 subtest)
Logic memory (WMS) (2 subtest)
Serial digits learning
Constructive Praxis Rey complex figure (copy phase)
WAIS Cubes
Executive Functions Barcelona test (categories)
London tower
Wisconsin Cards classification
Stroop Test
Battery for frontal evaluation FAB
Language Boston denomination BNT
Attention Digit span
D2 Test
Trail making test
Corsi board (Software)
Motor Function Pardue pegboard test (4 subtest)
MOART reaction and movement time panel (2 subtest)
Finger tapping test (2 subtest)
Mood status Beck BDI-II depression inventory
Hamilton anxiety scale