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Table 2 Interview guide questions and level of Ecological Framework targeted

From: Community as a source of health in three racial/ethnic communities in Oregon: a qualitative study

Question Level of ecological framework targeted
1. How long have you worked/lived in [name of agency or community]? N/A
Meaning of Good Health
First, I want you to think about your own health and life. Intra-Personal
2. What do you consider “good health”?
3. What do you think it means to live a healthy lifestyle?
Now I want you think about [insert name of community]. I’d like for you to think about the community residents that you see every day and interact with either personally or for your job. I also want you to think about the community’s physical environment, stores, restaurants, health and human services, community programs, and so on. Community/Institutional
4. What does it mean for a community to be “healthy”?
5. Do you consider your community to be healthy?
6. How would you rate the health of this community as a whole on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent?
Probe: What factors did you take into account with your rating?
Enabling and Inhibiting Factors of Good Health
7. What are the values around being healthy in this community? Inter-Personal
8. What are the unique characteristics (strengths) in [insert name of community] that help residents in being healthy?
Probe: What other characteristics within this community support being healthy?
9. What are the unique characteristics (weaknesses) in [insert name of community] that prevent residents from being healthy?
Probe: What other characteristics within your community discourage residents from being healthy?
10. Which of these characteristics, good and not good, are specific to the [insert Native/MSFW/Latino] culture in this community?
11. What are the biggest (or most important/pressing) health-related concerns in this community? Community/Institutional
Probe: In your point of view, what are the factors that contribute to these health problems?
12. What resources are available or in place in [insert name of community] to support healthy living among the residents? Macro Level/Public Policy
Probe: How much are these resources used by community residents?
Probe: How widely known are these resources by community residents?
Wrap Up
13. What are other important health issues in this community that we have not discussed so far? All