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Table 1 Guidelines topics covered in online survey, number of items, and example items and responses

From: What are parents doing to reduce adolescent alcohol misuse? Evaluating concordance with parenting guidelines for adolescent alcohol use

Guidelines topic Number of items Example items Response options
Knowledge about alcohol 22   True/False
-11 items about risks associated with adolescent drinking - serious injury (true positive); hair turning grey at a younger age (false positive)
-11 items about factors that influence adolescents’ decision to drink - to cope with stress (true positive); Adolescents think that alcohol goes well with fine food (false positive)
Parent-adolescent relationship 10 I spend one-on-one time with my adolescent Never/Rarely/Sometimes/Often
Talking about alcohol 2 Have you talked to your adolescent about the risks associated with alcohol? No/No, my child is too young to need to know this/Not sure, maybe/Yes, I have and I think they have some awareness of the risks/Yes, I have and I think they are well aware of the risks
Modelling 10   
-3 assessing beliefs (1 about parental supply and 2 about parental influence) -Giving your adolescent an occasional alcoholic drink at home will help them learn to drink responsibly -True/False
-7 assessing behaviours -[How often do you] get drunk at home? - Never/Rarely/Sometimes/Often
Family rules 8   
-2 assessing presence of rules (1 for general behaviour; 1 specific to alcohol) - Have you set family rules specific to your adolescent’s use of alcohol? Yes, definitely/Yes, partly/No, my child is too young to need rules about alcohol/No
-6 assessing the process by which family rules are established and implemented -Do you ever compromise on family rules? -Not applicable, we don’t have family rules/No, family rules are non-negotiable/Yes, but only on minor matters/Yes, I bend the rules to appease my adolescent
Monitoring 5 When your adolescent is not with you, do you know where they are? Never/Sometimes/Usually/Almost always
Adolescent parties 15 [If your adolescent was to host a party for their friends, how likely would you be to] leave them alone? Very unlikely/Unlikely/Likely/Very likely
Involvement with child’s friends and managing peer influence 6 Have you talked with your adolescent about situations where they may feel pressure from peers to drink alcohol? No/No, my child is too young to need to know this/Not sure, maybe/Yes, I have and I think they are somewhat prepared for such situations/Yes, I have and I think they are fully prepared for such situations
Adolescent alcohol misuse 7 [Have you talked to your adolescent about] the dangers of drink driving? Yes/No