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Table 3 Variables used to calculate the per diem (Bed-Day) cost for hospitalized patients at Zliten Public Hospital, in 2012

From: Anticipating rotavirus vaccines – a pre-vaccine assessment of incidence and economic burden of rotavirus hospitalizations among children < 5 year of age in Libya, 2012-13

Variable Baseline Source
Per Diem Cost (Bed-Day)   
  Staff Salaries (US$) 752,266 (77%) Zliten Hospital Management
  Hotel Cost (US$) 230,750 (23%) Zliten Hospital Management
Total Per Diem Cost (US$) 983,015  
Average Length of Hospital Stay 3.02 days This Study
Total Bed-Days at Pediatric Ward 8,470 days Zliten Hospital Management
Costs per Day for each Patient (US$) 116 Zliten Hospital Management
  1. Hotel Cost includes: Furniture, Equipment, Foods, Laundry, Disposal, Cleaning, Operation and Maintenance Costs.