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Table 2 Health knowledge level of rural residents in westen China

From: Analysis of awareness of health knowledge among rural residents in Western China

Question Indicator The number of right (n = 1466) Percent (%)
Whether secondhand smoke is harmful to myself Risk factors 1023 69.78
Whether salty food will cause high blood pressure Risk factors 916 62.48
Whether obese people are more susceptible to diabetes Risk factors 571 38.95
Whether excessive drinking will harm the function of the liver Risk factors 941 64.19
Whether eating with hepatitis B patients will be infected Hepatitis B Prevention knowledge 318 21.69
Whether eating the fruit and vegetables which were picked freshly in the ground and brushed by hand Prevention knowledge 426 29.06
Whether vaccination for children in order to prevent infectious diseases Prevention knowledge 989 67.46
Whether anemia is related with Iron deficiency Prevention knowledge 561 38.27
Whether health is neither fat nor thin, eat well, sleep well and not sick Understanding of health 386 26.33
The average correct rate -   46.47