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Table 3 The percentage effect of stage of cancer on individual gross income (in year t + 3) by education, and 95% confidence intervals

From: The effect of breast cancer on personal income three years after diagnosis by cancer stage and education: a register-based cohort study among Danish females

  Compulsory education Vocational education Further education
Localized vs healthy −1.7 −1.6 −2.5
  [−3.7,0.3] [−3.0,-0.2] [−3.8,-1.2]
Metastatic vs healthy −4.1 −2.8 −3.4
  [−5.9,-2.3] [−4.3,-1.3] [−4.8,-2.0]
  1. Note: these changes are computed as the changes in percent in income for a given education level and are based on the coefficients of model 3 of Table 2. For example, compared to a woman without cancer and with vocational education the change of the average value of income for a woman with a localized cancer and the same education level is equal to exp(−0.017 + 0.001)-1 = −0.016. The 95% confidence intervals are computed using the delta method.