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Table 2 Factors associated with advanced stage at diagnosis of breast cancer in Māori compared with NZ European women

From: Impact of mammographic screening on ethnic and socioeconomic inequities in breast cancer stage at diagnosis and survival in New Zealand: a cohort study

Characteristic OR 95% CI p
Model A (Unadjusted)) 1.51 1.18–1.93 0.001
Model B (Age adjusted) 1.49 1.16-1.91 0.002
Model C (Model B + Year of diagnosis c) 1.49 1.15-1.91 0.002
Model D (Model C + Screening status) 1.25 0.96-1.64 0.101
Model E (Model D + Deprivation) 1.24 0.94-1.64 0.133
Model F (Model E + Urban/Rural residence) 1.24 0.95-1.65 0.125
Model H (Model E + interaction terms d) 1.28 0.74-2.23 0.373
  1. (Odds ratios for stage at diagnosis (i.e., advanced bversus early a) in Māori compared with NZ European women with stepwise adjustment for age, year of diagnosis, screening status, socioeconomic deprivation and urban/rural residential status).
  2. (aearly stage = in-situ & stage I, badvanced stage = stages I to III, cyear categories as in Table 1, d – ethnicity x deprivation, ethnicity x screening and deprivation x screening).