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Table 3 The implementation domain of good practice characteristics for interventions and policies aiming at dietary behavior and physical activity change

From: Good practice characteristics of diet and physical activity interventions and policies: an umbrella review

Good practice category Systematic reviews, stakeholders’ documents, and position reviews endorsing respective characteristics
Good practice characteristics
Participation processes  
Completion, attrition rates across stages (and their representativeness) Systematic reviews: [53,59,75,90,100]; Stakeholders’ documents: [14,118]; Position reviews: [8].
Resources and strategies for practitioners helping them to invite and follow-up participants Systematic reviews: [3,67,80,125]; Stakeholders’ documents:[63,106].
Strategies promoting long-term participation (maintenance) included Systematic reviews: [26,47,64,80,93,97].
Training for practitioners  
Training for staff in aspects of implementation and facilitation of inter-sectorial collaboration Systematic reviews: [3,53,59,95]; Position reviews: [8]
Use/integration of existing resources  
Resources for implementation specified Stakeholders’ documents: [62,63,119].
Implementation integrated into existing programs (available for target population) Systematic reviews: [112]; Stakeholders’ documents: [14,85,118,119].
Ongoing support from support from stakeholders secured Stakeholders’ documents: [14,45,72,124].
Adoption by target staff, settings, or institutions (representativeness of staff, settings, institutions; exclusion of settings, staff, institutions; characteristics of those who adopted vs those who did not) Systematic reviews: [39,94,100,117]; Stakeholders’ documents: [44,118].
Feasible/acceptable for providers (fitting their skills; no external specialists needed for implementation), feasible and acceptable for stakeholders, and participants Systematic reviews: [26,29,39,94,112]; Position reviews: [47,48,78,88].
Maintenance (effects maintained over time with institutional support; continuation within the realm of the institution) Systematic reviews: [39,94,112,117]; Stakeholders’ documents: [62,119].
Mutability (intervention/policy is in the realm of community/target group control) Stakeholders’ documents: [10,44,62,118,119]; Position reviews:[8,48,88].
Partnership for implementation  
Partnership between agencies/organizations to facilitate adoption and implementation (e.g., school, business, transport agencies; inter-sectorial collaboration between stakeholders) Systematic reviews: [3]; Stakeholders’ documents: [14,43,72,76,124].
Identification of those who are responsible for implementation; training, monitoring and feedback for those responsible for implementation Stakeholders’ documents: [43,46,62,63,119].
Implementation consistency and adaptation processes  
Implementation consistency and adaptations made during delivery assessed Systematic reviews: [39,94]; Stakeholders’ documents: [45,118,124]; Position reviews: [8].
Adherence to protocol and protocol fidelity monitored Systematic reviews: [52,59,95,100]; Position reviews: [8].
Transferability (interventions/policies can be transferred to other populations, communities, settings, and cultures) Systematic reviews: [29,112]; Stakeholders’ documents: [10,45,62,119].
Context of transfer and transfer boundaries (including political, social, or economical conditions for transfer) Stakeholders’ documents: [44,45,119].