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Table 2 Independent measures

From: Resveratrol food supplements: a survey on the role of individual consumer characteristics in predicting the attitudes and adoption intentions of US American and Danish respondents

Measure Items Cronbach’s alpha US - DK
Self-reported fitness and health How do you assess your own fitness? 0.748 0.790
How do you assess your own health status?
Health behaviour 14 items from [34]1 n/a n/a
Health expectation 10 items derived from the literature1 0.916 0.915
Holistic health belief People sometimes feel worse rather than better after orthodox/conventional medical treatments. 0.728 0.607
State of mind is a crucial part of achieving better health—positive thinking can enhance physical health.
The symptoms of an illness can be made worse by depression.
When people are stressed, it is important that they are careful about other aspects of their lifestyle, as their body already has enough to cope with.
CAM use How often have you used what you would consider alternative or complementary medicine (medicine and/or treatments) during the last year? - -
Natural product interest 6 items from [36]1 0.774 0.787
Food indulgence interest I am inspired in my cooking by foreign cuisine and other new ideas. 0.828 0.765
I am willing to spend extra time on my daily food consumption for the sake of culinary pleasure.
I am willing to spend extra money on my daily food consumption for the sake of culinary pleasure.
Mediterranean cuisine interest To what extent do you like the following cuisines/cooking styles? [Mediterranean-inspired] - -
  1. Notes. All statements were measured on a seven-point scale, except for statements 1–11 from the health behaviour measure, which were measured on a 1 (never) to 9 (more than seven times) scale. The statements used for measuring health expectations can be provided upon request. Cronbach’s alpha was not computed for the health behaviour measure, as we consider this a formative indicator. 1Please see Additional file 1: Table S1 for these statements.