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Table 2 Prevalence of under nutrition of studied children aged 7-14 years (HAZ and BMI) and aged 7-9 years (WAZ) in Southern Ethiopia

From: Determinants of underweight, stunting and wasting among schoolchildren

Variable No (%) Mean (SD)
Height for age (HAZ)   
  Below -3SD (Severe) 46(10.2)  
  -3 SD to -2.01SD (moderate) 68(15.1)  
  Below -2SD (moderate and severe) 114(25.3)  
  Mean Z score (SD)   -0.47(2.1)
  -2SD and above(non-stunted) 336(74.7)  
  Below -3SD (Severe wasting) 8 (1.8)  
  -3.00SD to -2.01SD (moderate) 56(12.4)  
  Below -2SD (moderate and severe) 64 (14.2)  
  Mean Z score (SD)   -0.66(1.2)
  -2SD to +1 SD (not wasted) 342(76)  
  Above + 1SD (over weight/obese) 33(7.4)  
  Above + 2 SD (Obesity) 11(2.5)  
Weight for age (WAZ)   
  Below -3SD (Severe underweight) 9(4.1)  
  -3SD to -2.01SD (moderate) 33(15.2)  
  Below -2 SD (underweight) 42(19.3)  
  Mean Z score (SD)   -0.39(1.5)
  -2SD to +1SD (not underweight) 136(62.3)  
  Above + 1SD (over weight/obese) 30(13.8)  
  Above + 2 SD (Obesity) 10(4.6)  
  1. Stunted children include both moderately and severely stunted children. Wasted children are the sum of moderately and severely wasted children. Underweight children also include the sum of moderately and severely underweight children.