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Table 3 Summary of human and financial resources used in the Greater Christchurch UDS Health Impact Assessment

From: Process and impact evaluation of the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy Health Impact Assessment

Employment costs   
HIA meeting hours   
   Formal meeting hours 364 $9100
   Steering group meetings 36 $2160
HIA dedicated employed hours 950 $31850
TOTAL (HIA employed + meeting hours) 1350 $44210
TOTAL (Multiplied by 50% for overhead costs)   $66315
Direct costs   
Contractors   $3840
Literature reviewers   $1700
Flights/travel   $770
Conferences attended   $1500
Other (Catering)   $200
TOTAL   $8010
SUBTOTAL (direct costs)   $8010
SUBTOTAL (employment costs)   $66315
GRAND TOTAL   $74325