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Table 1 Study measures

From: Impact of an informed choice invitation on uptake of screening for diabetes in primary care (DICISION): trial protocol

Measures From practice records At appointment, but before RBG test 4 weeks after appointment If appointment not attended
Attendance   X   
Questionnaire measures     
   Intention to change lifestyle if found to have diabetes (Intention 1)*   X   
   Intention to change lifestyle (Intention 2)    X X
   Worry about getting diabetes [63]   X   X
   Expected test results*   X   
   Time Orientation (ZTPI – Short form [64])   X   X
   Age, gender, ethnic group   X   X
   Social deprivation indicators: qualifications, home and car ownership   X   X
   Decision satisfaction [61]    X X
   Perceived impact of results on diabetes status*    X  
Demographic variables     
   Postcode (to identify IMD 2007 score [60]) X    
   Risk indicators: BMI, age, sex, prescribed antihypertensives and steroid medication X    
  1. * Attenders only